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Four Gates In Me - Four Gates In Split ;GATE KEEPING Published: May 4h, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Four Gates In Me - Four Gates In Split
Published: May 4h, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

There is a  one place where I felt the spirit of „The Gate Keeper“. For this place, they use to say it is the center of the world. In my mundane work („mapping Zodiac“ by „sensitive degrees“) I found that Split is „sensitive“ on axis 15º  Capricorn/15º  Cancer (Jupiter axis) and that it may have some vibration at 29º  Cancer too (the place of our 3rd Eye-Jupiter chakra). This is the place in the world where you can find four gates! There are: The Golden Gate (northern), The Silver Gate (eastern), The Iron Gate (western) and The Bronze Gate (southern). Since Split is famous for being once part of the Roman Empire, the horoscope of Ancient Rome ("The Book of World Horoscopes" by Nicholas Campion) was my starting point.

29º  Pisces/29º  Virgo – The Place Within The Zodiac Where The Gate Keeper „Lives“

For me every gate we can link with 29 º  of some sign. After all, in the chart of Ancient Rome, there is retrograde Venus at 29 º  Pisces, and I am writting this letter in the moment when she is crossing again over 29 º  Pisces, she is direct but she is still in her „shadow period“, and I would say this is a very special moment.  I think that The Gate Keeper „vibes“ over axis 29 º  Pisces/29 º  Virgo, because after 29 º  Pisces we get 0 º  Aries – the beginning of Zodiac. At 0 º  Aries we open the door, we accept life! Accross, at 0 º  Libra we start to judge (Saturn is judging, and Saturn is exalted in Libra)! But at 0º  Libra we have in Sideral Zodiac fixed star Spica, and in Sideral Zodiac all start from this point.  However, i did progressions of Ancient Rome for the moment when I was born (January 30th, 1980) and i found progressed Moon at 9º  Aquarius, in conjunction with my natal Sun, ruler of my North Node at 29 º  Leo! For me that was a big sign, I will tell you later why.For now, I will just tell you that my axis of nodes goes over 29 º  Leo (NN) / 29 º  Aquarius (SN), and on May 12, 2017 I am going to have my nodes return day, which is speaking about new cycle of 18 years ahead! Also, i found Solar Arc axis IC/MC of Ancient Rome for the moment when I was born over 0 º  Aries/0 º  Libra. So, the gates were open in the moment when i was born, it seams...  
29º  Taurus/29 º  Scorpio – The Silver and The Iron Gate In Split

My first touch with Split occurred at the time of my Solar Return in 2015. At the very moment of the Solar Return I found myself in the Jupiter Temple. It was followed by meditation for the Jupiter chakra ("Third Eye", our sixth energy centre located at 29º Cancer, which is the cusp of my 9 house - my purpose, my future life). For me, Split has a special energy in the spiritual sense, it is the place where I find myself in some sort of internal alignment, since the Moon in my horoscope is positioned across the zodiac, at 15 º   Cancer, the degree of  Jupiter exaltation. All this includes my Venus at 16º Pisces 52’', with the fixed star Ahernar (from the constellation Eridanus) which is very spiritual by nature, and that contributes that in this city I enjoy, I feel pleasure, since it solves the opposition 15º  Cancer / 15º Capricorn. Without a doubt, Split is so important for me in a spiritual sense, it is a place where I can easily make contact with my future life, “my future ME“! My tertiary axis 3/9 (trip) went over 29 º  Taurus/29 º  Scorpio. Later i found that this axis presents The Silver Gate (eastern) and The Iron Gate (western) in Split! Also, my tertiary Fortuna (the most faster point and we should take it in predictions because it moves faster even than Moon) was also at 29 º  Scorpio!!! The Silver Gate were under reconstruction between 1932-1934.Solar Arc axis Asc/Desc of Ancient Rome in 1932 was over 29 º  Scorio/29 º  Taurus. For example, when Pope John II visited Split and went throught the Silver Gate in 2000 – Solar Arc Fortuna of Ancient Rome was at 29 º  Scorpio! I will mention progressed Sun of Ancient Rome for that moment too.Why? Becase it was at very powerful place within the Zodiac-at 3º  Scorpio (this degree I link to Croatia, and Split is the city in Croatia), and that degree i link with Pluto exaltaion degree and at the same time we know that it is the Moon’s fall degree. Where is the life weak-the death is the strongest. The death is not the end, it is the  new beginning. So, it seams that when we close some gate (door), some new we open at the same time.  If The Silver Gate is eastern part, than accross we have western part, and The Iron Gate is western part. So,  I would say that axis 29 º  Taurus/29 º   Scorpio is axis for silver and iron gates in Split. At 29 º  Scorpio we have the end of the end, the end of the darkness, the end of the death. Accross, at 29 º  Taurus, we have so called „Weeping Sisters“ (Pleiades) in mythology. IAM-Infinity astrological magazine since 3rd April 2017 has its progressed Sun at 0 º  Gemini, just finishing crossing over 29 º  Taurus! So, one gate we closed? But also, we open some new gate? Over 0 º Sagittarius/0 º Gemini we are able to touch some new story, we are able to touch much more light...

I Love Split

As I've never felt myself like I "keep" my parents inside, since the axis 15º Cancer / 15º Capricorn is very important for me. In fact, when my father died (on 06th April 1996) Jupiter was at 15º Capricorn, while on the day of my mother's death, 06th September 2013, Jupiter was opposite, at 15º Cancer. I could say that my parents took me on this trip, all with meaning and purpose. Finally, the dates of their deaths is associated with the symbolism of Jupiter chakra - both died on the sixth day in month! Split is essential for my spiritual growth.

I fell in love with Split, and its famous restaurant Lvxor at Peristel became my favourite place. After three months, I found myself again in Split where I gave a public lecture about Croatia with a special emphasis on Split and 15º Capricorn.(April, 2015-my secondary Moon was at my natal Pluto). Pluto is ruler of my Scorpio rising, and you can see my Pluto at 21º  Libra, in conjunction with fixed star Spica (I have already mentioned Spica in the beginning of this letter). The lecture was held on April 26th, 2015 and, as tertiary progressions can describe an event to the level of two days, I looked at the tertiary position of the Moon for that day. As you can see, tertiary Moon (moves 1 degree for 2 days) was found precisely at 15º Capricorn (the degree of Jupiter’s fall). If I add that in my natal chart the Moon is in 8th house, in applying square with Pluto –than you can imagine what there may happend to me. It was really spiritual journey for me, where my life in one moment was in dangerous. I fell down  the stairs in the center of Diocletian Palace, but somehow, all went well. I trust in the God’s spirt there, after all my Moon is at 15 º  Cancer (God) and some spirit protects me, always...

29 º  Leo/29 º  Aquarius – The Golden and The Bronze (Honey) Gate In Split

As I said The Diocletian's Palace has four main Gates: The Eastern (or Silver) Gate on the opposite site of the main East / West walkway known as the Decumanus; the Southern (or Bronze / Honey) Gate facing the sea, and Northern (or Golden) Gate facing the North, linking the Palace to the town of Salona during ancient times. And Western (or Iron Gate of Split), Known as Porta Franche, it was the door of last resort. Criminals seeking justice, refugees seeking asylum - would come to its gates. There, in a location between the inner and outer doors, court would be held and their fates would be decided! Those who were allowed to stay were given refuge, and their lives would be spared.

Porta septemtrionalis is the Roman name for The Golden Gate (northern) in Split. Emperor Diocletian walked through them as he entered the Palace on the 1st of June 305. They were built in the shape of a rectangle, with double doors, as part of the defensive military tactics (propugnaculum).I found progressed Venus of Ancient Rome (for 1st June,305) at the end of Aries, 29 º  Aries. For example, my sister has Sun/Mercury conjunction in her 12th house (death in past life) and her Sun is the ruler of her South Node (past lives) in her 5th house (house of past life) - I took her in Split with me two years ago when at 29 º  Aries was my progressed Venus (sister) – august 2015. Also progressed axis IC/MC of Ancient Rome on 1st June 305 was over 29 º  Leo/29 º  Aquarius (which is my axis of nodes in my chart). At 29 º  Leo when I was born there was one of the royal fixed star, „The Keeper of North“ – Regulus. So, the most important gate in Split is The Golden Gate, and I would say it may „vibe“ at 29 º  Leo,from the heart of Leo. Accross, at 29 º  Aquarius, we have The Bronze Gate (southern), the smallest of all the gates and this gate brings us into the basement of Diocletian Palace. After 29 º  Aqarius, we touch 0 º  Pisces, which may be an image of basement. After all,I visted Diocletian’s basement in order to find out what is the secret treausure  of Split. I suspected it was some coin, and that was a subject of my public lecture...   Also, I got terrible cold after that visit, which fits with my South Node at 29 º  Aquarius /0 º  Pisces...

Recently, I found that there is Diana's Temple (on the hill Marjan), and i linked Split with axis 15 º  Capricorn/15 º  Cancer - at 15 º  Cancer in my article „Ashmole 782 and 15 º  Cancer“ I spoke about the goddess Diana....  

New Life - IAM (my online magazine)

When IAM  was born, on May 19 2015, my first article was about Ashmole 782 and 15 º  Cancer and the first issue #IAM01 we called #782. During May 2017 IAM will celebrate its 2nd Solar Return (May 19 2017) and this is #IAM13 #TheGateKeeperIssue. This is the last time when We will celebrate solar return on May 19. From now, IAM will celebrate its birtday every year on February 8th, because, one gate we closed, and we open new one, with The Gate Keeper who protects Us.
The New IAM was born on February 8th, 2017, only two days before the lunar eclipse at 22 Leo.

With Love, Smiljana.

~My editor's letter for #TheGateKeeperIssue #IAM13 #MayJune2017

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Presidential elections in France 2017 and 0º Libra – How far “right” will France go? Published: April 23, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Presidential elections in France 2017 and 0º Libra – How far “right” will France go?
Published: April 23, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

This article I wrote in early january. It was published by the Astrological Jorunal (The Astrological Association of Great Britain) in its March/April issue 2017 and republished by www.astro.com

The year behind us, 2016, will be remembered by Donald Trump “unexpectedly” winning presidential elections in United States. At the same time, his winning was a tailwind for National Front leader – ultra right, nationalist political party led by Marine Le Pen.

For the spring issue of “The Astrological Journal“ 2016 I wrote the text about France (and Paris as its capital) “being sensitive” to 21º Aquarius and I ended that text with the remark that on February 11, 2017 there will be a lunar eclipse at 22º Leo and France will be “called out”, in the year of presidential elections. The first round of presidential elections will be held on April 23, and the second on May 7.
Article about why I link France with 21º  Aquarius you can read here: Paris and 21º  Aquarius 

Marine Le Pen

In the horoscope of the First French Republic there is Uranus at 22º Leo in 10th house (rule, country’s reputation) opposing Pluto at 21º Aquarius (degree I associated with Paris). Pluto rules Ascendant in Scorpio. Quite certainly the lunar eclipse of February 11, 2017 will touch the fixed T-square from the horoscope of the First French Republic where Mars at 29º Scorpio is the central planet, and everything revolves around it. February eclipse happens immediately before elections and it is a strong indicator of big and radical change in the country. Uranus is the ruler of the Moon at 11º Aquarius, which is depiction of woman revolutionary, while Mars from 29° Scorpio “lives” inside Pluto, so this is also depiction of the long awaited action...

In that moment secondary Moon of the First French Republic will be at 0º Taurus 57’, in conjunction with retrograde secondary Mercury (votes) at 0º Taurus 11’, and all that conjunct Saturn (conservative) at 0º Taurus 37’ in 6th house (working class, lower class in the country). In the meantime, before the first round of voting, secondary Mercury will make a turn and become direct, which will ease the voting – this is depiction of French election body that will change its mind at the last moment and vote. Saturn rules 4th house and speaks of opposition in the country (which Marine Le Pen is), and also of the countryside. This is a mild indication that people (Moon) of France may be more inclined towards conservatives at the elections, and that votes from the countryside will be crucial — votes of working class, lower class of society. The very 0º is also the indication of great changes and new beginning!

If we now take a look at the horoscope of Marine Le Pen, we see Ascendant in Libra, and the ruler Venus at 25º Leo. Venus is also the ruler of her prenatal eclipse at 23º Libra 20’ (North Node of Fifth French Republic is at 22º Libra 20'), which was lunar (something we did not finish in the previous life) – April 13, 1968. So, February eclipse at 22º Leo will touch her Venus and open an important period for this woman. Through disposition (Sun at 13° Leo), her Venus goes to angular 10th house (reputation) where Mercury is positioned together with Mars at 29º Cancer (which makes a trine with Mars at 29º Scorpio from the horoscope of the First French Republic). In the moment of elections, secondary Fortune of Marine Le Pen will be exactly at 29º Scorpio! In the moment of eclipse her Sun will be at 29º Virgo 59’, which is a very strong indication of change. Only days after the eclipse, on February 18, 2017 her progressive Sun will be at 0º Libra 00’ and in conjunction with IC of the Fifth French Republic (present Republic), and that will activate MC of this country at 0º Aries! This is more than indication of Marine getting more and more importance in the country! The last degree of Virgo might be more than important for Marine, since her first postnatal eclipse was a solar one (new beginning) at 29º Virgo 30’ (September 22, 1968). Here I must add that in the moment when the Treaty of Rome came into force (January 1, 1958, midnight, Brussels), establishing the forerunner of today’s European Union – Ascendant was at 29º Virgo! Creators were Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. The last degree then being the “signal” of possible failure of that creation?! Shall Marine Le Pen “pull the strings” and bring EU into question? In the moment of the first round of presidential elections in France on April 23, secondary Moon of the First French Republic will be at 3º Taurus 36’ in conjunction with MC of European Union. All this announces that some woman from France may be of high importance for the reputation of EU! I want to add again, Uranus at 22º Leo from the chart of the First French Republic carries within Moon at 11º Aquarius, and also Pluto at 22º Aquarius. Otherwise, it is common knowledge that Moon is exalted at 3º Taurus, and that is depiction of the woman with a family, woman that is a mother — Marine Le Pen is mother of three!

Big change in France is announced by the fact that MC of the existing Fifth Republic comes to 0º Gemini 22’ (second round of elections was selected as the date, May 7, for then the actual winner would be known). At the same time, progressive Sun of Marine Le Pen at 0º Libra will touch the IC/MC axis of the Fifth French Republic (0º Libra/0º Aries), but will also make a trine with secondary MC at 0º Gemini (which is in sextile with natal MC at 0º Aries). Second, and maybe the most important indicator from the point of view of my research work – “sensitive degrees” – is the position of secondary Moon (woman, people in the country) of the Fifth French Republic at the moment of the second round of elections. It is 21º Leo 01’, that will activate 21º Aquarius (degree I associate with the France), and Pluto (big change) from the chart of the First French Republic! I want to emphasize again, Pluton carries Mars at 29º Scorpio, the central planet of the fixed T-square in the chart of the First French Republic, that makes the trine with the natal Mars of Marine Le Pen at 29º Cancer in her 10th house. The last degree of Scorpio may be more than important, since on the day of the second round of elections (May 7, 2017, 07:00 am, Paris) the Ascendant will be exactly at 29º Taurus, also indicating the change, and here is the star cluster Pleiades, known also as “Weeping Sisters” – Marine Le Pen is the youngest daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen (who has three daughters), the founder of National Front, now led by Marine! National Front was founded on October 5, 1972, with the Venus (ruler of MC) at 0º Virgo, the spot now occupied by progressive Mars of Marine Le Pen, and the place where transit North Node will be at the moment of elections (all in trine with Saturn – conservative, at 0º Taurus in the chart of the First French Republic)! In the moment of elections second round, secondary Venus of the National Front will be at 23º Libra 14’ (at Mercury, the ruler of Venus at 0º Virgo in the chart of this party), which is the spot of prenatal eclipse of Marine Le Pen, while the secondary Moon of the National Front at 29º Aries 30’ will be getting ready to touch 0º Taurus and announce the big change – it will touch Saturn (conservative) at 0º Taurus in the 6th house (lower class in the country) in the chart of the First French Republic, as well as secondary Mercury (voters) at 0º Taurus.

Finally, what I have found interesting is the following — current solar return of the First French Republic (September 26, 2016) has the Moon at 13º Leo 21’, in strong conjunction with the Sun of Marine Le Pen at 13º Leo 02’! Isn’t this a strong indication that this woman might mark this solar year?! At the moment of the second round of elections, Jupiter will be retrograde (14º Libra 50’), and it will be at the Ascendant of Marine Le Pen (15º Libra 29’). Her natal Jupiter is at 9º Virgo, it was touched by the solar eclipse from September 1, 2016, and it will be touched again by the second eclipse of February 26, 2017 at 8º Pisces. Mercury at 10º Leo 46' from the chart of Marine Le Pen (as the dispositor of Jupiter) makes sextile with her Ascendant, so the transit of Jupiter across her Ascendant at the moment of elections will surely help her. Also, only four days before the second round of elections, on May 3, 2017 there will be conjunction of transit Uranus and her natal Saturn at 25º Aries 33’, which is the key planet in her Yod with Uranus at 26º Virgo and Neptune at 23º Scorpio. But, there is also the trine of Venus at 25º Leo (the ruler of her Ascendant and her prenatal eclipse) and Saturn. All this is the sign of big changes coming to this woman.

Francois Fillon – another candidate of the right wing

Another candidate of the right wing that surveys put a lot of hope into is Fillon, the former prime minister in Sarkozy’s government. His horoscope also gives “signals” at the first glance. He is also Libra (11º Libra 46’), just as Marine Le Pen, and the transit of Jupiter across Ascendant at the moment of elections will surely help him (since he has Jupiter trine Ascendant in his natal chart). But, Marine Le Pen has a stronger conjunction of transit Jupiter with Ascendant at the moment of elections. Lunar eclipse from February 11 at 22º Leo moves his Pluto (which is in conjunction with the Venus of Marine Le Pen), but Pluto rules his 3rd house, while with Marine Le Pen Venus rules her Ascendant, certainly more important house in the chart (angular house).

Then, solar eclipse on February 26 at 8º Pisces moves his Moon at 9º Pisces 42' (that was already moved by September eclipse at 9º Virgo), the ruler of his 10th house. But, at the moment of elections, no progressive or solar arc body will “touch” either natal or progressive charts of French republics, while in the case of Marine Le Pen there are clear indications.

Manuel Valls –   the candidate of Hollande’s socialists

Valls has the Sun at 20º Leo 32’, which brings him, from the point of view of my research work (“sensitive degrees”) into relation with the France (21º Aquarius). It is certain that the lunar eclipse on February 11 will “move” his Sun in 7th house. His secondary axis 1/7 is at the moment of eclipse at 21º Taurus/21º Scorpio and in square with 21º Aquarius and his natal Sun — all this indicating that here things might get cut halfway. On the other hand, his secondary MC comes at 0º Aquarius, which is the sign of the possible new beginning. But, at 22º Aquarius, on August 15, 1962, only three days after he was born, there was his first postnatal eclipse. Saturn, being the ruler of this eclipse, is positioned in Solar Arc directions this year at 0º Aries, which is the very MC of the Fifth French Republic! But, his natal Saturn (as well as his solar arc Saturn) is in a strong conjunction with South Node (possible losses) in 12th house, but in his domicile, Aquarius, while the natal Sun of Marine Le Pen is in Leo (also in domicile), but in 10th house (angular house).  

Also, asteroid Paris was at 19º Cancer when Marine Le Pen was born on August 5, 1968. That very same spot is occupied by her MC! On her birthday, secondary Moon of the horoscope of Treaty of Rome going into force was at 7º Libra. At that same spot asteroid Paris will be on May 7, 2017, for the second round of presidential elections! Transit Moon will be at 5° Libra at the moment of second round start, and during that day it will cross the mentioned 7° Libra! All this speaks in favor of Le Pen.

So, Le Pen and Valls move the axis 0º Libra/0º Aries, i.e. axis 4/10 from the chart of the Fifth French Republic!  

If we take a look at secondary progressions of horoscope of Treaty of Rome going into force for May 7, 2017 (second round of elections) — we find it at 25º Leo 40', which is the spot occupied by Venus (ruler of Ascendant) of Marine Le Pen - 25º Leo 43'! Solar Arc Ascendant of the Treaty of Rome horoscope comes at 29º Scorpio, in conjunction with Mars from the chart of the First French Republic, and in conjunction with secondary Fortune of Marine Le Pen.

At the end, I must say that 0º of any cardinal sign carries potential for great instability, and it is certain that activation of this degree many issues in the world would open, since it moves 15º of fixed signs (so-called “Avatar degrees”), with which every 0º has an aspect – semi-square (45º).

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Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die” Published: April 22, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die”
Published: April 22, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

I wrote this article in Seriban on May 28th, 2012

We are still in the period of retrograde Venus that might bring into focus a girl who, by her appearance, image, voice, music – reminds us of the passed times... Gates of the 65th Cannes Festival are still open, and these days a popular American singer Lana Del Rey visited Cannes as a guest. Since Lana has her Ascendant at 13º Leo, as Marilyn Monroe had, who is the face of this year’s Festival (see my previous article “Marilyn Monroe, Cannes andretrograde Venus”), and the North Node at 28º Aries, where the Venus (beauty) of Marilyn Monroe is, then it is no wonder that Hollywood producers already have a plan for this young American, and they see a new movie icon in her! Namely, they “flooded” her with film offers, and all that in Cannes. Lana Del Rey is a songwriter, and her scene name is the combination of names of the late Hollywood actress Lana Turner and Ford’s car Del Rey. The name best describes her style – old Hollywood glamour (symbolism of retrograde Venus).

In her chart, Lana has Venus at 6º Leo, in 12th house (symbolism of being retrograde, but also the house of the personal myth), in a square with retrograde (previous life) Pluto (Hades) at 4º Scorpio, which is almost the degree of its exaltation (3º Scorpio), and in the 4th house (love from the previous life, as the 5th house from the 12th), so this is depiction of Persephone in her chart, as her strong inner need, for it is all about some love from before, from previous life! Since her Venus, being the ruler of 3rd house (songs she writes), goes through its dispositor – the Sun, to 29º (degree also related to being retrograde, to “secret”, magic) Gemini (words) into 11th house (liberation), and into trine with Pluto, we see that Lana is a very modern, “awaken” Persephone, that she radiates freedom, courage, passion, depth, but she also kept her mystique, i.e. sorceress (29º) within, which is the task of the real Venus…

Her music, her songs are just like that – deep, passionate, emotional… In her song “Born To Die”, from the same album, Lana sings of being “sleeping”, “blind”, scared as a little child, but now she “sees” it all… Now, she became brave and she asks her feet not to fail her and to lead her to the goal, to him… She became so brave that she calls for him to come to the “wild side” of life, to let her kiss him hard in the “pouring” rain, because, as she says, he likes his girls “insane”… She admits to him that she is lonely every Friday night… She invites him to keep making her laugh and to fly high together...

Feet don’t fail me now
Take me to the finish line
All my heart, it breaks every step that I take
But I’m hoping the gates,
They’ll tell me that you’re mine
Walking through the city streets
Is it by mistake or design?
I feel so alone every Friday night
Can you make it feel like home, if I tell you you’re mine
Don’t make me sad, don’t make mi cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don’t know why
Keep making me laugh,
Let’s go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime
Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like yours girls insane
Choose your last words
This is the last time
Cause you and I, we were born to die
Lost but now I am found
I can see but once I was blind
I was so confused as a little child
Tried to take what I could get
Scared that I never find
All the answers, honey

Furthermore, this girl calls herself a gangster Nancy Sinatra (the daughter of the famous Frank Sinatra, famous American actress and singer), which is also the strong reminder of the world of Pluto, but also to the retrograde Venus (someone from before). Tattoos are what she makes her body “beautiful” with. What makes Lana stand out, like the real Persephone, are also plastic surgeries that she had as a very young. Persephone is afraid of growing old, and in the first wrinkles and gray hair she sees a kind of danger, so she easily reaches out to corrections by plastic surgery.

15º Gemini

Album “Born to Die” has 15 songs in total, and it was released on January 30 of this year, 2012, and managed to bring a great popularity to this young American. On January 30, Fortuna was at 15º Gemini, and on that very same spot on June 6, 2012, there will be a transit of Venus across the Sun disc, the meeting of two lovers, which announced the possibility for Lana to achieve the success, happiness (Fortuna) through this album. We know that the Soul seeks the permanent feeling of ease, and that the Fortuna point is the place of our karmic award, and its position within the sign, house, and its aspects and relation to its ruler it speaks most directly of the state of this inner ease we posses, which is our ticket for different states of consciousness, and by that, for the different levels of the fate.

Great Water Trine across 24º Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Since the dispositor of Fortuna at 15º Gemini is Lana’s Mercury at 24º Cancer, in 12th house (her personal myth), then this degree is something to pay attention to, since it is analogue to the sign of Pisces, series 12, being retrograde, Venus that is exalted in Pisces. Why? Because on the day when the same name song from the album “Born to Die” was released for the first time on Youtube (December 1, 2011), Fortuna was at 24º Pisces! If we add that Lana’s secondary Sun for this year is at 24º Cancer, and the Sun represents her, since her Ascendant is in Leo,  and that on January 30, the day her album “Born to Die” was released, her secondary Moon, the ruler of her 12th house (her personal myth, her inner need) was at 24º Scorpio, it becomes clear that there is great water trine across 24º Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, which certainly implies talent and possibility of success, and all that in the year of the retrograde Venus! At the end, the Venus started her retrograde motion this year at exactly 24º, didn’t it?!

When the Moon and the Sun make harmonic aspect in progressions, we might suspect that to be depiction of the new personal beginning for the person. In her chart, Lana has the Sun (herself) and the Moon (ruler of 12 – her myth, the inner need) in opposition, and she surely has the problem in realizing her inner needs. But, since in 2012 her secondary Sun comes to her natal Mercury in 12 (personal myth), and her secondary Moon makes exact trine with secondary Sun within the month of the date her album “Born to Die” was released, Lana had the opportunity to have new personal beginning early in 2012, and to do it with ease (the trine)! But, the very 24º make us conclude that in doing so she had to be somehow silent, secretive…

“Secret love” of Lana Del Rey

We must realize that Lana Del Rey’s Moon is placed in 5th house (love), that it “crossed over” Uranus (divorce) and that it opposes the Sun (herself), in 11th house, at 29º (secret) Gemini, which is depiction of herself in some secret, “free” relationship with a man who is divorced. Since the album “Born to Die” was released on the day when Fortuna was at 15º Gemini (star Rigel – man who has several marriages, problems with women), where two lovers will meet on June 6, 2012, as I have already mentioned, and what “activated”, through disposition, Lana’s Mercury at 24º (secret) Cancer (emotions, closeness) in 12 (secret, personal myth) with which secondary Moon (in natal chart in 5th house – love) at 24º (secret) Scorpio (passion, deep emotions) made the exact trine on January 30, 2012, then we may suspect that the album “Born To Die“ brought this young girl not only popularity, but also love, and this time with ease (trine), that might be “secret” (24º)?! These days, American tabloids speak about Axl Rose, the front man of the band Guns ’n’ Roses, being in a “secret” relationship with the twice younger colleague, Lana Del Rey... Axl Rose was married to the famous model Stephanie Seymour, by which he is known for in the public. His body is decorated with tattoos, so depiction of Hades fits here as well…

Anyhow, album “Born To Die”, and especially the same name song brought Lana Del Rey the possibility of fulfilling her inner need, her personal myth, because by activating this special symbolism through the song, Lana comes to her Mr. Pluto, to her “secret” love…

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I.A.M. – Infinity Astrological Magazine is on featured in the Astrodienst section ”Understanding Astrology” along with The Astrological Journal and The Mountain Astrologer Published: April 3rd, 2017 I Smiljana Gavrančić

I.A.M. – Infinity Astrological Magazine is on featured in the Astrodienst section ”Understanding Astrology” along with The Astrological Journal and The Mountain Astrologer

Published: April 3rd, 2017 I Smiljana Gavrančić

I.A.M. – Infinity Astrological Magazine by Smiljana Gavrančić  is from March 2017 on featured in the Astrodienst  section ”Understanding Astrology” along with The Astrological Journal and The Mountain Astrologer. I am honoured that  piece about Profections by Athan J. Zervas (I.A.M. astrologer and associate for Art&Design), from the spring issue “The Retrograde Kiss” (March/April 2017),  was the one this collaboration begins with. 

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Predsednički Izbori u Srbiji 2017, Saša Janković i Algol (borac za pravdu) Objavljeno: 30. Marta, 2017 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Predsednički Izbori u Srbiji 2017, Saša Janković i Algol (borac za pravdu)
Objavljeno: 30. Marta, 2017 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Prvi krug Izbora - 02. april, 2017

U nedelju, 02. Aprila, 2017, u 07:00 otvaraju se biračka mesta u Srbiji. Sam horoskop za trenutak otvaranja biračkih mesta govori puno. Ascendent je na 29 º  Ovna 56’ što naglašava kraj jednog i početak novog perioda. Na 0 º  Bika imamo mnogo lepšu priču, jer se već na 3 º  Bika nalazi stepen egzaltacije Meseca (narod), i ovo jeste, moglo bi se reći, najava promena koje mogu započeti sa ovim izborima. Vladajući kandidat se uvek posmatra iz ugla 10. polja. Ovde je 10. polje u Jarcu, i Saturn je vladar. Saturn se sprema da krene retrogradno, od 06. aprila i možemo već reć da je nekako „usporen“. Dispozicija Saturna je retrogradni Jupiter u 6. polju (malefično polje) i gotovo na stepenu pada Sunca, na 19 º  Vage, tačnije ovde na 18 º  Vage59’ – rekla bih da je kandidat vladajuće stranke, nekako „osabljen“, iako Saturn ide u u Vagu, znak svoje egzaltacije, 6. polje je malefično i to „ugrožava“ kandidata vladajuće stranke.  

Opozoicionih kandidata ima više i ovde su predstavljeni 4. poljem. Četvrto polje počinje u Raku, Mesec je vladar i nalazi se na 22º  Blizanaca u konjunkciji sa zvezdama iz Orion konstelacije koje daju visokog, krupnog muškarca, naglašenih ramena, sportiste, ali se ova konstelacija vezuje i za Sjedinjene Države. Dispozicija Meseca je Merkur na 1 º  Bika 25’ u 1. polju,  što je mnogo bolje nego u slučaju vladajućeg kandidata, Aleksandar Vučića. Zašto? Zato što se radi o uganoj kući (1. kuća) i što Mesec ide u znak svoje egzaltacije (preko Merkura) i gotovo na stepen svoje egzaltacije, na 3 º  Bika. Ali, moramo samo ovde imati u vidu da je ovaj Merkur već  u senci. No, svakako je ovde opozicioni kandidat jači nego vladajući. Ovo najavljuje vrlo verovatno i drugi krug izbora za 16. april.

U trenutku zatvaranja birališta, 02. aprila u 20:00, MC (vladajući kandidat) će bit ina 29 º  Raka, što sasvim sigurno opet najavljuje drugi krug, a Mesec, vladar, na 29 º  Blizanaca – 29 º   ne daje materijalizaciju. Sve sami pokazateji da se ide u drugi krug, što se i očekuje, prirodno... Ovde se nema dovoljno glasova da se pobedi u prvom krugu, jer je to priroda 29 º.

Vuk Jeremić 

Znamo da je jedan od opozicionih kandidata i Vuk Jeremić, koji je bio u dodiru sa SAD-om preko UN-a. No, kako on u svom horoskopu ima kardinalni T-kvadrat gde je Saturn sa 20 º  Raka centralna planeta oko koje se sve vrti, a Jupiter iz Ovna i Uran iz Vage deo tog T-kvadrata, rekla bih da ga ovaj period ne podržava jer Jupiter je trenutno u Vagi i ponavlja mu se natalna konfiguracija. Takođe, Uran je u Ovnu i doprinosi ponavljanju natalne konfiguracije. Rekla bih da se ovde želi jako puno, da se ide preko limita, ali da nije još vreme za njega – iako je progresivni IC Berlinske Srbije upravo na njegovom Saturnu (na 20 º  Raka), što ga sasvim sigurno stavlja u trku za predsednika i možemo reći da će unutrašnjost Srbije da mu pokloni poverenje? Dispozitor njegovog Saturna jeste Mesec u Biku, ali u konjunkciji sa Marsom u Biku – rekla bih, opet, nema se ovde dovoljno energije da se izdži, da se iznese ovaj podhvat. Mars iz Bika ga slabi, što je i slika njegove supruge (Mesec/Mars) koja nema ovde dovoljno energije da podrži... Ovde bi bilo bolje da žena ne reaguje, da ne ide u akciju...

Zaštitnik građana - Algol priča

Saša Janković? Kako je i njegovo vreme rođenja nepoznato, prvo što sam uočila je pozicija njegove Venere (vladara Sunca sa 3 º  Bika) ni manje ni više nego na Algolu, na 25 º  Bika 51’,na zvezdi iz konstelacije Persej. Ovde imamo sliku čoveka koji se bori za neku svoju pravdu. Podsećam Vas – Saša Janković je bivši ombudsman, zaštitnik građana. No, zašto je to ovde sad bitno? Ako pogledamo kartu Berlinske Srbije, od koje uvek počinjem sa analizom kada je reč o Srbiji, tamo nalazimo Plutona, vladara Ascendenta u Škorpionu, upravo na Algolu, na 26 º  Bika 09’, a baš ove godine, Solar Arc Mesec (narod) Berlinske Srbije dolazi na 26 º  Bika 19’. Nedavno sam na fb-u napisala kako će u Srbiji na predstojećim izborima pobediti osoba u simbolici zvezde Algol – borac za pravdu, neko ko „reže glave“, sa Algolom je uvek tako, ovde se nekako „gubi glava“ jer se osoba bori za pravdu...  

Zanimljivo i Vuk Jeremić ima Veneru oko 26 º  Lava, što ga „gura“ u priču oko Algola, jer ga stavlja u kvadrat, ali, konjunkcije su jače.

Ustav iz 2006 - važeći horoskop Republike Srbije

Ako pogledamo i horoskop koji važi za trenutnu Republiku Srbiju (dan kada je Ustav iz 2006 stupio na snagu), nalazimo da je progresivno Sunce naše zemlje baš ove godine na 26 º  Škorpiona,na Jupiteru u ovom horoskopu , i  što pravi opoziciju sa 26 º  Bika i što praktično otvara priču o Algolu – vreme je za čoveka koji će da se bori za pravdu – Saša Janković, kandidat građana, nestranačka ličnosti, bivši zaštitnik građana, zaista se uklapa u ovaj profil... Jupiter je u horskopu Repblike Srbije, vladar 10. polja (predsednik).  

Drugi krug Izbora - 16. april, 2017

Drugi krug izbora je 16. aprila, birališta se opet otvaraju u 07:00. Ovog puta Ascenedent je na 21 º  Bika, u konjunkciji sa Sašinim Merkurom. Mars je baš na 26 º  Bika, na Algolu, pravi konjunkciju sa Sašinom natalnom Venerom, vladarem njegovog Sunca, i konjunkciju sa Plutonom iz horoskopa Berlinske Srbije, konjunkciju sa Solar Arc Mesecom (srpski narod) iz horoskopa Berlinske Srbije, kao i opoziciju sa progresivnim Suncem Republike Srbije (Ustav iz 2006). Rekla bih da ćemo na nebu imati veoma jaku energij Algola koja će imati potrebu da se oslobodi...

Mesec je vladar 4. polja, predstavlja opozicionog kandidata u drugom izbornom krugu, nalazi se u 8. Polju, što nije lako polje, što je polje transformacije, i ide ka Saturnu koji je retrogradan (Aleksandar Vučić vrlo verovatno kao vladar 10. polja ovde). No, Mesec i Saturn pre nego što naprave konjunkciju, desiće se nešto drugo. Šta? Mesec (opozicioni kandidat) će napraviti trigon sa Suncem iz Ovna. Da uzmemo ovde da je Sunce vladar 5. polja –rekla bih da će opozicionog kandidata podržati mlađa populacija, jer je to priča 5. polja iz ugla mundane astrologije. Kako se 4. polje nastavlja većim delom u znaku Lava, Sunce je vladar, nalazi se u znaku svoje egzaltacije, na 26 º  Ovna, a preko Marsa (dispozitora) ide u 1. polje (ugaona, jaka, kuća), i to na Algol, na 26 º  Bika! Deseto polje se većim delom nastavlja u Vodoliji i ja i dalje uzimam Saturna primarno kao vladara ovde, te stoga nemam da kažem ništa novo – jači je ovde opozicioni kandidat, uprkos i sprezi njegovoj za „teškom“ zvezdom Algol. Saturn (vladajući kandidat) preko Jupitera ostaje u 6. polju – što je malefično polje, i retroradan je, što isto „slabi“...

Duh Zorana Đinđića

Pogledajmo sada i horoskopo pokojnog premijera Zorana Đinđića. Iako nije živ, njegov horoskop i daje priča, kroz prognostičke tehinke. Prvo što uviđamo je pozicija retrogradnog Merkura na 26 º  Lava, što ga isto stavlja u priču oko Algola – i on se borio za pravdu?! Njegov progresivni Mesec (srpski narod) tokom aprila 2017 prelazi preko natalnog Sunca Saše Jankovića (3º  Bika), pa će njegov duh u narodu sasvim sigurno podržati Sašu Jankovića... Solar Arc Asc Đinđića je ove godine na 21º  Strelca,  u konjunkciji sa tranzitnim Mesecom za trenutak otvaranja birališta  drugog kruga u Srbiji. Zaista bih rekla da će duh pokojnog premijera ovde da "pogura" narod...

Ostaje da vidimo. Jedno je sigurno, zvezda Algol je jako naglašena a sa ulaskom Urana u Bika 15.maja, 2018 biće još više, jer u tom trenutku (GMT) Mesec će biti baš na 26 º Bika. Svi lideri koji s nedavno došli na vlast po svetu, i koji uskoro dolaze, imaju naglašen priču Algola, jer vreme ispred nas nosi tu priču.

Vladajući kandidat Aleksandar Vučić (iako nemam njegovo vreme rođenja), nema u progresijama ništa preko 26 º fiksnih znakova, ali ni u natalu. Za vrhove natalnih kuća ne mogu da tvrdim, jer ponavaljam – vreme rođenja nije poznato.

Pogledati moj tekst na blogu Uranu Biku 2018 - Kuda Ide Ovaj Svet?  

Postizborna Srbija 2017- napisano 09. Aprila, 2017

U ovom delu teksta daću ponovo analizu prvog kruga izbora (održanog 02. aprila, 2017) kao i dublju analizu koriseći Antisicu, Contra-Antisiciu i Draconic chart.

Elem, ponavaljam, biračka mesta su u Srbiji otvorena u 7 časova ujutru (02. aprila, 2017) – Ascendent je bio na 29 º Ovna, što naglašava kraj  ali i nemogućnost da se stvari materijalizuju u prvom krugu, dakle, ovo je već prvi znak da je drugi krug izvestan. Vladajući kandidat je predstavljen 10. Poljem, koji je u Jarcu, dakle, Saturn je vladar. Saturn je retrogradan (što mu otežava da dobije izbornu trku u prvom krugu, iako se nalazi u konjunkciji sa Centrom Galaksije što mu svakako daje izvensu moć). Dispozitor retrogradnog Saturna je retrogradni Jupiter (poteškoće ostaju i dalje, zbog retrogradnosti) u 6. polju (malefično polje- polje koje mu svakako uzima energiju i onemogućava ga da uzme većinu u prvom krugu). Sam stepen na kojem se našao retrogradni Jupiter u Vagi je gotovo stepen pada Sunca – „pad ugleda“, „pad pozicije“! Dakle, iako Saturn ide u Vagu, znak svoje egzaltacije, ide u 6 polje, polje koje je malefično i koje ne daje snagu da se izbori dobiju u prvom krugu. Sama retrogradnost sigurno significira da vladajući kandidat nešto i „krije od javnosti“.

Opozicija je predstavljena 4. poljem, Mesec je vladar, u Blizanacima je, i u opoziciji sa Saturnom (vladajući kandidat) – ovo je i logično, budući da se obe strane bore za isto, zar ne?!  No, dispozicija Meseca iz Blizanaca je Merkur u Biku, što Mesec vodi  u egzaltaciju, ali i u 1. polje (Asc), što je svakako više nego idealno polje – ugaona kuća po snazi broj jedan (pored ostalih ugaonih kuća, poređaću ih po snazi – Asc, Mc, Desc, Ic). No, Merkur je u senci, pa i ovo govori o tome da opozicija mora da se pomuči ovde, no, jedno je sigurno, drugi krug je bio više nego izvestan, ali sa Merkurom u senci koji je od 10. aprila retrogradan – nešto je više nego ovde skriveno, vezano za ove izbore, verovatno je reč o glasovima koji su sakriveni, jer je  Merkur esencijalni signifikator za glasove.

Dalje, biračka mesta su zatvorena u 20h, i Mesec tranzitni je bio na 29 º Blizanaca, što isto ukazuje na nemogćnost materijalizacije u prvom krugu. Dodajem da je i MC (vladajući kandidat) bio na 29 º Raka – ovo nije slika pobede u prvom krugu, ovde mora da se čeka i da se ide dalje, u drugi krug. Takođe, jako mi je čudno da neko sa progresivnim Mesecom na 29 º Vage uzima vlast u prvom krugu, i vlast generalno, jer 29 º je uvek slika kraja!!! Vladajući kandidat trenutno ima progresivi Mesec na 29 º Vage, dok mu je Solar Arc Mesec isto na poslednjem stepenu, poslednjeg znaka, na 29 º Riba – sve je ovo slika kraja, slika naroda (Mesec je narod) koji je doša do kraja, koji želi promenu...

Sada ću da opet ponovim deo o progresijama, Solar Arc direkcijama horoskopa Berlinske Srbije i horoskopa RS iz 2006. U horosckopu Berlinske Srbije Pluton (ogromna energja, promene, transformacija) se nalazi na samom Algolu, na 26 º Bika. Pluton je vladar Ascedenta i predstavlja opšte prilike  u zemlji. Solar Arc Mesec (narod  u zemlji) je baš ove godine na 26 º Bika i u narodu se budi potreba za oslobađanjem, za pravdom, jer je to priča koju sobom nosi Algol. Idemo dalje, MC ( predsednik) RS iz 2006 je u Strelcu i Jupiter kao vladar se nalazi na 26 º Škorpiona, gde je i progresivno Sunce RS iz 2006! Dakle, dobili smo aktivnu osu 26 º Bika/26 º Škorpiona. Samo Saša Janković od kandidata ima dodira sa Algolom, i to preko svoje Venere na 25 º Bika 51’ koja sobom nosi njegovo Sunce (ugled, život) sa 3 º Bika! Trenutno je Sašin progresivni Merkur na 25 º Bika 53’, tj. prelazi preko njegove natalne Venere i pokreće narod u Srbiji preko Solar Arc Meseca Berlinske Srbije, natalni Pluton (velike promene) Berlinske Srbije ali i natalni Jupiter i progresivno Sunce RS iz 2006. Kako u Jupiteru RS iz 2006 živi Uran iz Riba kao i Pluton iz Strelca, ovo je slika velikih promena, i potrebe da se nešto u zemlji promeni.

No, na sve ovo potreban nam je tranzit kao okidač, a to bi mogao biti tranzitni Mars na 26 º Bika, 16, aprila 2017 (što je trebao biti i drugi krug izbora). Ovo bi mogla biti slika velikog oslobađanja energije u Srbiji, gde ćemo imati Algol na delu – borba za pravdu! Ponavaljam, Sašina bivša uloga zaštitnika građana (ombudsmana) se jako ovde uklapa – on je taj koji pokreće narod da se bori za pravdu...

Pogledala sam i Antisciu Berlinske Srbije i našla da je upravo Jupiter (vladar 4. polja u chartu Berlinske Srbije – opozicija u zemlji) ni manje ni više nego na 26 Škorpiona, što znači da je Contra – Antisica na 26 º Bika (Algol). U Draconskom chartu (horoskop koji priča o sećanju koji Duša nosi iz prošlih inkarnacija) nalazim drakonski Mesec (narod  u Srbiji) na 26 º Vodolije!!! Sada dobijamo jos jedan 26 º fiksnog znaka.

Zanimljiva je i Antisica RS iz 2006, jer tamo osa Asc/Desc ide preko 26 º Škropiona/26 º Bika, dok MC/IC osa ide preko 26 º Lava/26 º Vodolije. I tako, dobili smo energiju Velikog Fiksnog Krsta preko 26, i ona se uvek mora osloboditi, jer je reč o zgusnotoj energiji gde glavu reč ima Algol koji je borac za pravdu, dakle, ovde imamo sliku borbe, akcije, isterivanja pravde. 

U prvom delu teksta od 30.marta, pominjala sam i „duh“ pokojnog premijera Đinđića, naime, on je imao retrogradni Merkur na 26 º Lava koji se ovde isto uklapa u energiju Velikog Fiksnog Krsta preko 26 º i koji sasvim sigurno pomaže narodu koji na protestima iskazuje nezadovoljstvo. Merkur je vladar Đinđićevog 9. polja i priča o njegovom budućem životu, njegovom Višem Ja! Zanimljiv je i midpoint Đinđićevog Meseca (narod) i Marsa (borba) jer se nalazi upravo na 26 º Škorpiona!

No, moram da dodam i ovo – 26 º fiksnih znakova sam našla kao nešto bitno za Rusiju, ali i sam ulazak Urana u znak Bika 2018 naglašava ovo vreme, vreme 26 º fiksnih znakova... I same Sjedinjene Države imaju Mesec na 26 º Vodolije (gde se nalazi Mesec Berlinske Srbije u Antisci-i). Drugim rečima, da li se kroz ove izbore u Srbiji oseća u vazduhu i „učešće“ dve velike svetske sile, Rusije i Amerike?...

Tog 16. aprila, Mars će biti na Algolu što ni malo nije lako, i ova energija se mora osloboditi, jer Mars u Biku ne zna da se iskontroliše, plus, reč je o akciji Marsa sa Algola. Mesec (narod) će ići  aplikaconu konjunkciju sa Saturnom, ali ono što je ovde dobro je to što pre nego što se desi konjunkcija Mesec će napraviti trigon sa egzaltirnim Suncem sa 26 º Ovna (zvezdana maglina Vertex, konstelacija Andromeda). Sa ovog mesta imamo sluku nekog uglednog muškarca koji ima potrebu da oslobađa druge, baš kao u mitu. Naravno da Sunce u Ovnu može da nas  asocira na neku bitnu figuru iz policije ili vojske, mada bih rekla pre da je reč o policiji, jer me vojska više asocira na znak Škorpiona. No, vladar ovog Sunca sa 26 º  Ovna je upravo Mars na Algolu – borba za pravdu! Trigon između Meseca (narod) i Sunca sa Vertexa je slika lagane saradnje naroda i nekog ko je zadužen za bezbednost. Ovo lako može da bude podška policije i vojske narodu, jer su i sindkati vojske i policije na protestima podržali građane.

Bilo kako bilo, Uskrs u Srbiji, 16. april nosi sobom energiju oslobađanja i potrebe za pravdom. Videćemo u kom smeru dalje događaji idu... Merkur (glasovi) jer retrogradan od 10.aprila do 03.maja, a u senci do 22.maja.

U mitu, Persej na konju (koji je izašao iz vrata Gorgone Meduze nakon što ju je ubio) odlazi i spašava Andromedu (okovanu princezu). U realnom životu narod  u Srbiji teži nekom vidu oslobađanja... Algol priča o gubitku pozicije, "gubitku glave", nakon čega dolazi sloboda i neki novi život...

"Drugi krug" ovaj put lako mogu biti protesti na ulici...

Four Gates In Me - Four Gates In Split ;GATE KEEPING Published: May 4h, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Four Gates In Me - Four Gates In Split GATE KEEPING Published: May 4h, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić There is a  one p...