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White House, 22° Gemini and Donald Trump Published: September 7th, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

White House, 22° Gemini and Donald Trump
Published: September 7th, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Presidential Elections in America in 2016

The race for Presidency has already started, although there is about a year before the elections… There are still speculations about candidates from two leading parties, democratic and republican… The recent appearance of Donald Trump in the race for republican candidature got America “on its feet”. Jeb Bush, whose father and brother had held the position of the first man in this country, is also mentioned as a republican candidate. The new resident of the White House will be the one who wins the majority on November 8, 2016, when the elections are scheduled to be held, but also the one who has 22° Gemini somehow activated!

Important “figures” for the White House throughout the history of United States

I started my research by looking at the date when the cornerstone for the White House was placed, October 13, 1792. The whole idea was that of the first President, George Washington. The first residence was finished in 1800, and the first President who lived in the White House was not the one with the idea of building it, but John Adams (the second President of America).

Let us now take a look at secondary progressions of George Washington for the moment when the residence was finished (November 1, 1800), since his horoscope can be still used today, since he was “the seed” as the first President of America! The secondary Venus, the ruler of Washington’s ascendant, is at 21° Gemini 35’, very close to 22° Gemini and in a strong conjunction with Mars (21° Gemini 18’) from USA horoscope! Mars rules the ascendant in USA horoscope (I use 8° Scorpio as ascendant, because it fits perfectly into symbolism that this country was created after independence war – 8° has the symbolism of war, as well as the very sign of Scorpio, while Uranus – independence, freedom, is exalted in Scorpio as well), and it represents the Washington DC, the capital of USA.

Also, in the moment when John Adams became the second President of United States (the first one who lived in the White House), on March 4, 1797 – his solar arc Moon was at 22° Gemini 25’, very close to his MC at 23° Gemini 00’!

Theodore Roosevelt, the Republican, became the President on September 14, 1901. The residence got its name “White House” in 1901, after the idea of this man, because of its white façade. In the moment when he became the first man of the country, secondary IC-MC axis in USA horoscope was across 22° Gemini 39’/22° Sagittarius 39’!

Finally, White House got its present appearance in 1934, when Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the so-called “Oval Office”, the official office of the President, into the west wing. Franklin became USA President on March 4, 1933, and in his natal chart he has MC at 22° Gemini 08’!

Donald Trump in USA horoscope

Jupiter-Uranus midpoint in USA chart is also at 22° Gemini 25’. Uranus (gambling, casino) is in the 8th house (money) and he rules the 4th house (opposition candidate), while Jupiter rules 2nd house (financial system) and is the essential significator for the serious amount of money. In Uranus at 8° Gemini in 8th house we have the picture of Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, businessman who built his empire in casinos and real estate… Jupiter/Uranus combination always speaks of financial risks…, but in this case it might be the picture of over-arming, overuse of some sort of modern weapons in some armed conflict. It is interesting that Donald Trump has a prenatal, solar eclipse at 8° Gemini 49’, at the Uranus of USA, at the planet that represents him in the chart of USA!

Now, let us take a look at his horoscope. We can see that he has the Sun at 22° Gemini in conjunction with the North Node, i.e. he was born on the day of lunar eclipse that was at 23° Sagittarius 05’. His ascendant is at 29° Leo 58’, where the star Regulus was at that time (now it is at 0° Virgo), which certainly may bring him success. Solar Arc Sun (29° Leo 07’) is even now crossing his ascendant, and it will remain there in the moment of elections, on November 8, 2016 (at 0° Virgo 15’). Transit Saturn at 29° Scorpio is now, while I write this article (September 2015) in square with his ascendant, but since his natal Saturn from Cancer, through dispositor – the Moon at 21° Sagittarius, makes a trine with ascendant, then this is the time for him, he has the support of Saturn. Jupiter also transits his 1st house (him), which may be the picture of “overdoing”, expansions, affairs, which is not unknown to Trump… With Jupiter it is not always safe, for he may bring disappointment because of the overdoing. But if the natal Jupiter is strong, then the transit also offers the support. His Jupiter is in the 2nd house, together with Chiron (wound), so this is also the picture of the financial losses he had. But, this man is saved because his Jupiter goes to the sign of Cancer through dispositor Venus, the sign of its exaltation, which additionally strengthens him, especially in risky situations (Venus in Cancer, as dispositor of Jupiter in Libra, in 11th house, the house of risk).

The following solar eclipse at 20° Virgo 10’ on September 13, 2015 will activate Donald’s postnatal (lunar) eclipse and bring him the grand “opening”. This eclipse will also activate his natal Node axis, and it will be very important moment for him!

Also, immediately before the elections, on September 1, 2016 there will be solar eclipse at 9° Virgo 21’, which will activate Uranus (Donald Trump) from 8° Gemini 55’ in the USA chart by the square, which emphasizes some possible military activities of America somewhere in the east (Aldebaran – the “Watcher of the East”).

If we take a look now at the horoscope of the Republican Party, we find that on the day of elections Solar Arc axis IC-MC goes across 22° Gemini 50’/22° Sagittarius 50’, which gives this party huge chances of winning the elections and having its candidate as the first man of the country! I want to add that the Solar Arc Sun of the Republican Party will be at 23° Gemini 50’, in conjunction with postnatal, lunar eclipse of Donald Trump, which puts the great accent on this man inside the Republican Party!

The Bush Family

I have mentioned Jeb Bush, the son of George H. W. Bush and the brother of George Walker Bush. It is interesting that Jeb Bush has his MC at 22° Gemini, which certainly brings him somehow into the race for candidacy for the coming elections, and especially interesting is the position of the tertiary Sun (it moves 1° in one month) on the day of elections (November 8, 2016) exactly at 22° Gemini! But I would say that Trump is still in stronger position because his progressive Sun is transiting his ascendant, and also because of the fact that the progressive Sun of the Republican Party will be at his prenatal lunar eclipse. On the other hand, progressive Sun of Jeb Bush will be around 26° Aries, transiting his 8th house, which is not as strong as Donald’s one at the ascendant.

Also, George Bush has his Sun at 21° Gemini, very close to 22° Gemini, which brought him in contact with the White House.

November 8, 2016

Let us take a look at the chart for the moment of the poll sites opening. The 10th house always represents the ruling candidate – Democrats, while the 4th house in this case represents the Republican candidate.

The position of MC at 28° Leo 56’ is interesting – very close to Donald’s ascendant. But here, as I said, MC represents Democratic candidate, and the Sun should be regarded as the ruler. The Sun is in Scorpio, but through Mars, the ruler of Scorpio it goes to 29° Capricorn – 29° always meaning the end! But, Virgo is intercepted in 10th house, and there is the North Node, so we must take a look at Mercury. Mercury is also in Scorpio, and through Mars it also goes to 29° Capricorn – the end! North Node in modern astrology represents the success, protection, but in jyotish it has completely opposite meaning and may imply hidden activities, traps, enemies behind one’s back, so I would say that only according to the basic analysis of the horoscope for the beginning of elections in America, it may be concluded that Democrats stand no chance this time, and that on the coming elections they will experience “the end” (29°)!

Let us see the Republicans now. The 4th house represents them, as I have already said. In 4th house, Pisces is intercepted, and the ruler Jupiter is in Libra, and it is part of the cardinal T-square with Uranus and Pluto. But, through disposition, Venus, it goes to 25° Sagittarius 34’, very close to the spot called the Galaxy Center, which doubly strengthens this Party. Sagittarius is the sign of Jupiter seat!!! In 4th we have Neptune in Pisces, which is the seat for this planet. But, 4th house starts in Aquarius, Saturn is the primary ruler and is in Sagittarius, and through dispositor, Jupiter in Libra, it goes into the sign of its exaltation. All this tell that really Republicans have much more chance at the coming elections in 2016.

22° Gemini – Orion constellation

In the end if we take a look at fixed stars, we shall see that around 22° Gemini (where the Sun, the ruler of the ascendant of Donald Trump) are the stars from Orion constellation, that is being connected to USA. Here we have the picture of very big, tall man, with broad shoulders, and emphasized hair (remember the mythological Orion), with big feet and specific gait, and who has problems and affairs with women. Isn’t this the indication of Donald Trump?! If we go back to that part of the article where I said that in the horoscope of America Donald is represented as Uranus at 8° Gemini in 8th house, than I add that all that is in close conjunction with one of the four royal stars Aldebaran (“The Watcher of the East”), so all this might indicate that if Trump becomes the next President of America, he may focus his politics on some armed conflicts in the East.

Since there is a wide trine of Uranus (Donald Trump) and Saturn in Libra in USA horoscope, transit Saturn from Sagittarius that will oppose Uranus (Donald Trump) at the beginning of 2016 might bring this man the candidacy within the Republican Party, and presidential race. The aspect of opposition is now initiating things, since there is a good aspect in natal chart.

Whatever happens, it seems that the new President of America will come from the Republican Party, and that Donald Trump, for now, as the big surprise, should not be neglected… It remains to be seen if anyone else from the Republican Party will come forward and have accented 22° Gemini, for how it seems, this degree is the “ticket” for the White House. 


In November 2020, there will be a presidental elections again - the secondary Moon of USA will be at 29° Capricron , preapering to come at 0° Aquarius. This could be some woman who will bring to the whole world something new! December 21st, 2020, there will be the Great Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius! The current president of USA, Barack Obama has in his chart Jupiter at 0° Aquarius. His secondary progressed Moon (woman, wife) will be in Nov/Dec 2020 at 0° Aquarius. His Solar Arc Moon (woman, wife) will be in Nov/Dec 2020 at 0° Aquarius, too! In his natal chart, he has trine between the Moon and Jupiter, so this opposition in progressions  could bring him (his wife) great success. We will see...

Chart source:
 "Horoscopes of Europe" Marc Penfield

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